Health for All, Care for You

Science|Business and Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet have conducted a survey of a wide range of stakeholders in personalised healthcare across four major EU-markets (Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK).

30 Sep 2010

The Innovation Road Map

An overview of the Policy Bridge roundtables that took place between 2007 and 2009. Leaders in European policy, industry and academia met to discuss new ideas in innovation policy.

29 Dec 2009

Stimulating Innovation

When the history of the Great Recession is written, there will be at least a chapter about an innovation in public policy that developed during this period: innovation policy, itself.

01 Nov 2009

The Science of Thinking (PDF)

How fundamental developments in computer science – among them, computational thinking – are changing the way we perform research, educate our children and set policy.

13 Feb 2008

Science in the Balkans (PDF)

The Western Balkans has long been one of Europe’s most unstable regions. But, with the prospect of technological and economic development, is that about to change?

16 Jan 2008

High-Growth Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are important to creating jobs and prosperity in Europe; most politicians recognise that nowadays. But what’s less obvious is that when it comes to creating new businesses, sheer numbers don’t make for a dynamic economy.

12 Jun 2007

Innovation: The Demand Side

A fundamental shift in European innovation policy is under discussion in Brussels – a shift that could improve the climate for technology businesses and enhance the continent’s economic performance.

31 Jan 2007

The 5th Freedom: Research in Europe

In April 2007 Janez Potocnik, EU Science and Research Commissioner, launched a grass roots campaign to reform Europe’s research structures. The overall aim: to push for better planning, more money and greater flexibility in scientific research.

31 Dec 2006