The Widening

A new Science|Business Community and Media Service

The Widening tracks R&D growth and challenges in central and eastern Europe, science and technology (S&T) investment opportunities in the region, and the people, policies and programmes behind it all. It targets R&D leadership – public and private – in central and eastern Europe, as well as those in Brussels and other western capitals eager to bridge the gap between east and west.

It fills a glaring hole in the media landscape, and provides a unique channel for R&D organisations operating in and across the region to gain visibility, create awareness, and connect through the Science|Business network.

Networking and information-sharing take place via a series of expert, high-level events, and through an active online community that will help innovation and R&D leaders to identify potential partners, and connect with them across central and eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

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“The Widening” is a product of Science|Business and is not related to EU institutions or programmes.

Poland to rework research assessment scheme

First results of a new approach to research assessment introduced as part of reforms to bring its higher education system into line with EU standards led to multiple appeals. Earlier this month an expert group met education minister Przemysław Czarnek, to consider improvements

25 Jan 2023