The Widening

A new Science|Business Community and Media Service

The Widening tracks R&D growth and challenges in central and eastern Europe, science and technology (S&T) investment opportunities in the region, and the people, policies and programmes behind it all. It targets R&D leadership – public and private – in central and eastern Europe, as well as those in Brussels and other western capitals eager to bridge the gap between east and west.

It fills a glaring hole in the media landscape, and provides a unique channel for R&D organisations operating in and across the region to gain visibility, create awareness, and connect through the Science|Business network.

Networking and information-sharing take place via a series of expert, high-level events, and through an active online community that will help innovation and R&D leaders to identify potential partners, and connect with them across central and eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

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“The Widening” is a product of Science|Business and is not related to EU institutions or programmes.