Crowdhelix launches open access match-making platform for COVID-19 researchers – for a faster solution

The UK-based innovation network, in partnership with media company Science|Business, creates a free online “space” for COVID-19 researchers to find one another across the globe, and team up to find treatments and the funding to support their work

26 Mar 2020

Investing in electric vehicles

The German government wants to see 1 million electric vehicles on the roads by 2020. But do investors see a smooth journey ahead?
09 Dec 2010

Can data-driven medicine make us healthier?

At a Science|Business event in Norway, students, technology experts and teachers debated the merits of new breeds of healthcare delivery. There are benefits, but digital health must be thoughtfully controlled and users properly trained

18 Jun 2019

How Spain is reinventing healthcare around patients

Spain is widely regarded as having one of the world’s best healthcare systems. Can a series of experiments in ‘value-based’ care help to make it even better? A new Science|Business report finds out

06 Nov 2018

How do you prevent the problem of prevention?

At the Euroscience Open Forum conference, a Bulgarian medical start-up demonstrates the potential - and the challenges - of getting health systems to focus on preventing disease, rather than responding when it strikes

17 Jul 2018

Google’s DeepMind Health told to explain how it will make money

An app developed by Google’s AI company saves nurses two hours a day. But so far it is free to use. An independent panel says DeepMind must clarify the business model, a stark illustration that as healthcare AI goes mainstream, the matter of who does what with patient data is coming into sharper focus

19 Jun 2018

EU should fight antimicrobial resistance with better incentives

Funding science and providing incentives to spur innovation in antibiotics is crucial, but political support for stewardship and prevention of inappropriate use is just as important in ensuring availability of effective and affordable drugs that are used in a responsible way

19 Jun 2018

Keeping up with the Cloud

New Science|Business paper on how Europe can meet fast rising scientific demand for data storage and processing calls for a long-term strategy

10 Dec 2018

Viewpoint: EU innovation needs a Cohesion policy that works

The EU’s new industrial strategy, with its aim of driving innovation in advanced technologies, could lead to established economic development policies being seen as outdated. But tried-and-tested approaches, especially Cohesion policy, have complementary objectives - and an important role to play

12 Mar 2020