UK announces ‘safety net’ for Horizon Europe applicants

With association still not signed off, funding for successful applicants will be guaranteed by the UK. But this is a ‘short-term measure’ and 2020 contingency plans that were drawn up in case of a no-deal Brexit are now being refreshed for if there is no association agreement

30 Nov 2021

Namibia and Germany join forces in green hydrogen race

Namibia has the natural resources, while Germany wants to become a world-leading hydrogen economy. A new partnership will see Germany inject €40M with the aim of putting both countries at the forefront of clean energy innovation

26 Aug 2021

UK plays catch up in global battery race

Brexit put the brakes on investment for years, but champions of the tech say there is now a chance to make up ground. A new £130M research centre is on the way and plans for the first gigafactory are in hand

18 Feb 2021

Keeping up with the Cloud

New Science|Business paper on how Europe can meet fast rising scientific demand for data storage and processing calls for a long-term strategy

10 Dec 2018