Fight begins over 2023 research budget

As the European Parliament begins internal talks on next year’s budget, some MEPs warn they might lose again in the battle with member states on using unspent research money

03 Feb 2022

Namibia and Germany join forces in green hydrogen race

Namibia has the natural resources, while Germany wants to become a world-leading hydrogen economy. A new partnership will see Germany inject €40M with the aim of putting both countries at the forefront of clean energy innovation

26 Aug 2021

Keeping up with the Cloud

New Science|Business paper on how Europe can meet fast rising scientific demand for data storage and processing calls for a long-term strategy

10 Dec 2018

EU quantum companies need more investment

The EU is world-leader in quantum research, but companies set up to exploit this are struggling to get the money needed to scale. Experts say the EU and member states should coordinate efforts and work to boost investment

01 Sep 2022