Promote events, publications, jobs and other announcements

Our well-established and renowned news and communication channels enable R&I organisations to amplify their messages to MEPs, European Commission directorates, national ministries, scientific associations, innovation agencies, industry at large, and the media. 

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At Science|Business, we offer a variety of channels for promoting your events, publications, jobs and other announcements. Options range from banner advertising on the Science|Business website and our Policy Bulletin and Funding Newswire newsletters distributed to 25,000 key innovation contacts or our targeted Widening newsletter dedicated to R&D reforms and investments in central and eastern Europe to sponsored posts on social media.

The timing and rates for these advertising options can be customised in consultation with our clients, and we are happy to discuss special rates for higher volumes of advertising to accommodate your requirements.

Newsletter publication Schedule:

  • Policy Bulletin: Delivered every Thursday to 25,000 key innovation contacts, offering updates and insights into global research and policy developments.
  • Funding Newswire: Send out every Tuesday, the Funding Newswire targets a specialized audience interested in detailed funding opportunities and research insights. This service is designed to cater specifically to researchers, grant officers, and policymakers, providing them with the latest calls, policy analysis, and success stories in obtaining funding.
  • The Widening: The Widening, which appears every second Wednesday, tracks R&D growth and challenges in central and eastern Europe, science and technology (S&T) investment opportunities in the region, and the people, policies and programmes behind it all. 

Contact: Denitsa Nikolova - Project Officer [email protected]

These advertising and campaign options apply uniformly to all of our newsletters. Whether you are looking to enhance visibility through banner ads or engage more deeply through sponsored content, we offer platforms that align with your strategic communication needs.

Launch Offer: To celebrate the launch of the Funding Newswire, we are pleased to offer special introductory pricing valid through July 31, 2024. This initial offer allows advertisers to take advantage of the same rates as those we currently offer for the Policy Bulletin before prices adjust upwards to reflect the more targeted audience the newsletter will reach post-launch.

Content-driven campaigns

Communication campaigns can also consist of one or a series of sponsored articles written by Science|Business or provided by the client. Content pieces can also take the form of a podcast, video or newsbyte (data-driven piece).

An article of this kind will typically consist of circa 600-800 words and are disseminated

  • as a feature on the Science|Business homepage for 1 week (150,000 average unique pageviews per month)
  • as a sponsored item in 1 Science|Business newsletter (sent to an opt-in list of over 25,000 senior research and innovation specialists & decision-makers in academia, industry and public policy)
  • via a dedicated post through ll Science|Business social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

All-in promotional packages 

To promote specific events or partner publications, S|B has put together special packages in which we list the event as a Science|Business “partner event” on the relevant section of our website, hyperlinked to the client’s site. Additional visibility is given by a banner advertisement campaign both on the site and in our newsletters and by supporting social media promotion with original and targeted content.

The number of total impressions depends on the agreed-upon duration of the promotional campaign and can be amplified further to specific segments of our audience, defined in cooperation with the client.

Case studies

Unleashing Innovation: Science|Business Drives Awareness for the Innovative Health Initiative

Since November 2018, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (which became the Innovative Health Initiative under Horizon Europe) has been drawing the attention of the broad R&I community to IHI-funded projects, through regular 6-month-long campaigns. Each news article is featured on the Science|Business website, and newsletter with promotion via the Science|Business social media channels to ensure maximum visibility and impact.

Enhancing Visibility and Driving Engagement: Science|Business Services for EIT Food Conference

Science|Business partnered with EIT Food to enhance the visibility, participation, and marketability of their annual conference. Our comprehensive services included a custom editorial campaign, targeted mailing to key stakeholders, and strategic advertising. Optional offerings such as custom reporting provided additional participant value and future marketability. With impressive results in driving engagement, advancing the food innovation community, our services empowered EIT Food's mission for a healthy and sustainable food system.

Promoting QuantERA in strategic circles

Science|Business delivered a high-impact communications campaign where QuantERA could showcase its achievements, and
success stories emerging from its innovators portfolio, through editorial content disseminated via our media channels, including including our bi-weekly Bulletin, the website, and a range of social media.

Stick to Science - A communication campaign to respond to the delayed association of the UK and Switzerland to Horizon

Since its launch in February 2022, Science|Business has amplified the visibility and impact of the Stick-to-Science initiative, driven by leading research organisations across Europe as a plea to accelerate negotiations towards association of Switzerland and the UK to Horizon Europe. S|B provided a high-visibility platform for top-level public debates, a press conference and a news channels for special reports and interviews of leading figures defending the cause.