Less is not always more: how minimalist acronyms are creating ‘knowledge-ignorance paradox’

Acronyms graph

The use of acronyms in scientific articles has steadily increased over the last 60 years, according to a study by Adrian Barnett of Queensland University of Technology and Zoe Doubleday of the University of South Australia.

Blue is the colour of the Green Deal

Cleaning up Europe’s seas and inland waterways is a key part of securing the green transition, say EU commissioners, as they answer citizens’ questions about the upcoming Healthy Oceans research mission

23 Jul 2020



How to strengthen prevention and treatment in mental health

In February 2020, scientists, clinicians, patients and industry representatives met in Stockholm to discuss how governments, education systems, and new technologies can help treat and prevent mental health problems. The roundtable was the latest in the Science|Business Healthy Measures series.

16 Apr 2020