Hungary, Poland host most European Innovation Council projects in EU13 member states

EIC pilot EU 13

Of the 13 member states that joined the EU after 2004 (EU13), Hungary and Poland lead in the number of applications for the pilot programme of the European Innovation Council (EIC) that is expected to be fully launched in 2021 with a total budget of €10 billion. 



Europe 2024: A new health agenda

The EU needs an ambitious and coherent agenda for the 2019-2024 legislative term to boost the resilience, equitability and sustainability of Europe’s healthcare systems. This report, based on a Science|Business expert roundtable, sets out recommendations for such an agenda.

03 Sep 2019

Why Open Science is the Future (And how to make it happen)

A special report of the Science|Business Network

This report explores the case for open science, illustrated by use cases and case studies, spanning academia, start-ups and enterprises. It seeks to explain why public sector and private sector researchers should support open science by highlighting concrete examples of disciplinary breakthroughs that have been fuelled by the sharing of research data, tools and infrastructure.

16 Jul 2019