Estonia, Cyprus, Belgium and Germany lead innovative SMEs league table


A Eurostat survey shows that of all SMEs in each member state, those in Estonia, Cyprus, Belgium and Germany are more likely to be involved in innovative activities.

More than 70% of SMEs in Estonia were classified as innovative, according to data collected between 2016 and 2018. SMEs are defined as companies with 10 - 249 employees.

Biden puts science at the top of his agenda

On eve of inauguration, the US president-elect raises chief scientist to a cabinet-level position, and vows a return to the Paris climate accord ‘with the urgency the science demands’

19 Jan 2021

EU seeks ideas for its green cultural revolution

“We are preparing the post-COVID world. A place where generations meet, life is affordable, the planet is protected and style matches with sustainability,” says Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, launching first phase of the New European Bauhaus

19 Jan 2021



Blue power: how to get ocean energy working

Oceans have enormous capacity to supply the earth with clean, renewable energy. Are we ready to harness this potential at global level, and what will be required to do so? A new Science|Business report explores the options.

20 Jan 2021

What is ‘tech sovereignty’?

Since COVID-19, EU leaders are pushing for greater independence from US and Chinese technology. Industry and researchers warn against closing Europe’s arms to the rest of the world. This special report decodes the debate

15 Sep 2020

Revamping the world of work

The Science|Business’ “Digital skills for industry” group brought together a unique group of stakeholders from industry, academia and policy. The group met twice, in January and June, in the course of 2020. This report is the summary of the discussions held during the events

08 Sep 2020