Europe needs to ensure decarbonising fuels prosperity

Europe is a front runner in cutting CO2 emissions. Now it must do more to reap the economic benefits through home-grown production of green technologies, such as electric car batteries and solar panels, that underpin this transition, says research chief Marc Lemaître

07 Dec 2023


Commission assembles advisers for Framework Programme 10

Portugal’s former research minister, Manuel Heitor, will chair the group advising the Commission on the next seven-year EU research programme. The group will be striving for impact - and the budget will be a critical issue, Heitor tells Science|Business

05 Dec 2023


Horizon Europe: A guide for non-Europeans

In a first of a series of network events exploring what future non-European collaboration in Horizon could look like, this event gathered together international experts who have taken part in Horizon Europe or its predecessor, Horizon 2020. Read the report to see what they had to say.

23 Feb 2023