Our value proposition

The Science|Business Network is a meeting point for companies and research leaders to voice their positions at the interface between Europe’s regulatory and legislative agendas and their strategic R&I equivalents. Its annual programme is specifically designed to add value across multiple functions. 

    Annual Public Network Members Conference 2023


    For those tasked with building bridges between headquarters and key policy institutions – whether at EU or national level – our Network gives a platform for government affairs and public policy teams to:

    • Position your organisation as part of a unique cross-border, cross-sector and cross-institutional club – one that doesn’t conflict with any trade association
    • Inform public debates about the impact of new regulation on industrial competitiveness and innovation ecosystems
    • Propose sector-specific or transversal priorities for future EU R&I programmes
    • Support the case for sustainable, long-term policy investment in R&I
    • Mobilise senior executives to come to Brussels and engage with the EU policy agenda
    • Utilise the renowned S|B news channels to promote insight, views and success stories


    Access to excellent science, breakthrough technology and talent is vital to companies looking to strengthen their R&D strategy and performance. Network activities allow corporate R&D teams to connect directly, gather intelligence from and start working with world-leading organisations on issues that affect competitiveness, innovation and impact, including:

    • Translating fundamental research into commercial opportunities
    • De-risking investments in novel technologies
    • Defining future workforce skills and securing talent
    • Identifying high-potential academic start-ups and spin-outs
    • Engaging in pre-competitive deep tech projects
    • Managing IPR and data security


    Boosting engagement levels and success rates in EU R&I programmes remains a key objective for many members, both in Europe and beyond. For those designing strategic plans and coordinating support for their organisations to achieve that goal, Network activities provide, among others:

    • Exclusive access to latest policy intelligence on specific R&I programmes and themes
    • Identify new partners and opportunities to join project consortia
    • Build research management capabilities through best practice sharing
    • Strengthen international cooperation and alliances