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Our bespoke service for research and analysis of key issues in European research and innovation policy. We commission original policy research and devise communications campaigns in various formats to maximise its impact.

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Founded by first-class science and technology journalists, Science|Business shares its editorial expertise and unique knowledge of the research and innovation scene with clients. On request, we carry original policy research, produce reports and online special reports, and devise communications campaigns to ensure the content pieces reach out influential policy makers at national, EU and international level. 

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Case studies

Toyota - Stakeholder mapping: Human and Artificial Intelligence

Commissioned by Toyota in 2019, Science|Business conducted a mapping research to identify top researchers,most performing research institutions, and most promising SMEs currently working in the area of interactions between human and artificial intelligence. The report, delivered confidentially to Toyota, provides a snapshot of who matters the most in Europe in this field. It includes a presentation of each researcher, research institution and SMEs, and the reason why they could matter to Toyota Motors Europe.  

Sanofi - Pandemic preparedness: How will the international accord help respond to unforeseen shocks?

With the COVID crisis behind us, WHO was mandated to draft a legally-binding international treaty on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. On 23 March 2023, Science|Business – in partnership with Sanofi – convened a roundtable discussion with international experts (from WHO, industry, academia, public health bodies, multilateral organisations, think tanks, governments and research organisations) to discuss how to prepare for future pandemics. Key conclusions and recommendations from the group are available in a policy report broadly distributed through SB channels.

Attracting investment for research infrastructures

Research infrastructures (RIs) are needed in Europe to maintain and propel its leadership in science and technology for decades to come. But how can new RIs attract adequate investment? How can their socio-economic and scientific impact best be assessed? This paper summarises a roundtable discussion on The investment challenge: How to assess the impact of research infrastructures? among representatives from RIs and European Union institutions, governments officials, funders, scientists and industry executives.  It was hosted on 16 June 2022 by Science|Business in partnership with Elsevier.

Empowering European Science: Science|Business Drives Open Science Cloud Collaboration

In April 2016, the Commission announced the ambitious European Open Science Cloud plan, with a budget of €6.7 B, aimed at revolutionizing research, cloud services, and data technologies in Europe. Science|Business established a platform for companies, universities, and research infrastructures to closely monitor and engage with this significant initiative. Through regular meetings and publications, the platform facilitated informed dialogue, addressing crucial questions about rules, participation, funding, and technological advancements. Members included Amazon, Microsoft, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre, GEANT, University of Twente, and RDA