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Welcome to the Funding Newswire — your weekly guide to the evolving terrain of EU and international funding. Discover the latest calls, understand their policy implications, and learn from the triumphs of top grant achievers.

Join Science|Business on a journey into the complex world of R&I funding. The Funding Newswire, published every Tuesday*, is an extension of our two decades of policy reporting and your new guide through Europe's funding landscape and beyond.

With the launch of this exclusive service, you'll gain an edge with insider knowledge of funding mechanisms, policy contexts, and success stories from the continent's leading grantees. We also provide the latest updates on funding and networking opportunities that can move your projects forward.

Free to all staff and students of our Network member organisations, this service is a window to opportunities beyond our European borders, helping you build international collaborations.

Stay informed. Stay ahead.

* Except for two weeks in August and in December.

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A word from our Executive Editor, Florin Zubașcu: 

After two decades of covering the nuts and bolts of European research and innovation policy, we are taking a step forward to launch a new service designed to help you navigate the complex maze of EU and international research and innovation collaborations: The Science|Business Funding Newswire.

The fundamental mission of Science|Business is to foster cross-border, cross-sectoral cooperation in research and innovation through news, our Network, and the events and communication services that go along with that. Based on our experience, we have learned that both public and private research institutions are having trouble going beyond their typical networks to find, understand and attract funding.

And that is the main reason why we are now leveraging our experience covering the politics of science and technology to help the research community navigate through an expanding maze of information more easily. With this new service, we will use our expertise and analytical capacity so you and your organisation can follow where the public and private money is going and which collaborative opportunities you can pursue.

Each week you will find the following recurring categories:

  • Funding Intelligence: Stay ahead of the curve with key updates and opportunities from the European funding scene.
  • The Data Corner: A statistical snapshot to provide clarity on funding trends and the metrics that matter.
  • Insider's View: Navigate the complexities of funding with advice from seasoned experts and industry insiders. 
  • Funding Radar: Your weekly selection of essential calls to streamline your search in the ever-expanding funding universe.
  • Upcoming Events: Cut through the clutter with our handpicked selection of key R&I events, curated for relevance and impact.