The Widening 35: Commission clarifies position on Hungary’s participation in Horizon Europe

Messy communication around an EU ban on 21 Hungarian universities accessing Horizon Europe funds has had a terrible impact on Hungary’s participation in the programme and relationships with European partners, Hungarian authorities say. The ban is on funding, not participation, but this is not well understood and a hesitancy to work with Hungarian partners has spread around Europe. A new letter from the Commission seeks to clarify the situation.

Elsewhere, a project to build new scientific infrastructure for Ukraine in Poland receives a financial boost, and an Estonian professor argues in favour of funding more science with Widening measures. Finally, Poland’s space tech companies are going to benefit from playing a leading role in the design of two new satellite constellations being built later this decade.  

06 Jun 2024

The Widening 34: The Future of Widening

Momentum is building for the EU’s next research and innovation framework programme, FP10, to have a budget of €200 billion. But what place is there in the programme for Widening measures? This week, we delve into how Europe’s research community wants the scheme to change and evolve. We also look at why reforms of Poland’s Academy of Sciences are proving controversial, moves to fight back against predatory publishers in central and eastern Europe, and why Slovakia needs help to increase its participation in European Innovation Council calls. 

23 May 2024