R&D policy

Commission names board members for Horizon Europe missions

The 70 experts will be responsible for designing the large-scale, objective-driven research projects, which are seen as central to reframing Europe’s approach to tackling ‘grand challenges’ including climate change, soil erosion, sustainable food production and marine and freshwater pollution

31 Jul 2019

Boris Johnson vows to ditch EU rules on GM crops

In his first day in office, new prime minister controversially returns his brother to former brief as science and universities minister, while pledging to liberate UK bioscience and develop UK satnav rival to Galileo

25 Jul 2019

Australia mulls deeper science ties with EU

There’s an appetite to develop research relationship with Brussels, but agreeing terms is ‘a long-haul game’ says James Whisstock, scientific head of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s base in Australia

25 Jul 2019