Widening newsletter 28: Former research commissioner backs Horizon Europe Widening measures amidst calls for change

There is always a lot of fuss about the effectiveness of current policies intended to close Europe’s research and innovation gap, but it is worth remembering the deep-rooted historical reasons for its existence. In this week’s newsletter, we dive into new research looking at the lasting impact of 45 years of Communism and a hurried transition to a market economy on eastern Germany’s innovation performance. Take note: investment alone cannot solve the problem. Elsewhere, we look at why a leading tech conference CEO is optimistic about central and eastern Europe’s start-up scene despite a downturn in investment, and what the EU’s former research commissioner has to say about Horizon Europe’s Widening measures amidst calls for change.

22 Feb 2024

Viewpoint: the digital and green transitions are not parallel processes but transformations that affect each other deeply

The ongoing and comprehensive digital transition of society can and must contribute towards the green transition, and the digital transition must also become greener, says the head of the University of Oslo’s Centre for Computational and Data Science

20 Feb 2024


Strengthening the Ecosystem of Trust

In this report, experts and representatives of the European Commission comment on the initial recommendations of the EU-funded VERITY project, exploring the challenges and opportunities for fostering trust in scientific processes, including advocating for greater citizen participation and addressing concerns about scientific integrity and inequalities.

18 Dec 2023