US and China the biggest partners in COVID-19 biomedical research collaborations

OECD graph

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2021 technology and innovation outlook shows the US and China were each other’s main collaborating partners in COVID-19 biomedical research, according to data on the PubMed biomedical literature search engine.



What is ‘tech sovereignty’?

Since COVID-19, EU leaders are pushing for greater independence from US and Chinese technology. Industry and researchers warn against closing Europe’s arms to the rest of the world. This special report decodes the debate

15 Sep 2020

Revamping the world of work

The Science|Business’ “Digital skills for industry” group brought together a unique group of stakeholders from industry, academia and policy. The group met twice, in January and June, in the course of 2020. This report is the summary of the discussions held during the events

08 Sep 2020