Science|Business survey: Science & the Ukraine War

Following the start of the Ukraine War, many governments have curtailed scientific relations and partnerships with Russia. As part of its ongoing news coverage, Science|Business is conducting a brief survey about these ‘scientific sanctions.’ All answers will be kept anonymous.

28 Jun 2022

Germany leads in number of job listings for Ukrainian researchers


Most job listings posted this spring for Ukrainian refugee scientists were in Germany, according to a report by the grassroots organisation Science4Ukraine.

The organisation created a platform where universities and research institutions from around the world could post job openings and other collaboration opportunities for Ukrainian academics who had to flee their country after the Russian invasion in February.


Call for EU to fund technology infrastructures

Europe needs technology proving grounds where industry can test and scale up new products. Christian Ehler MEP says this will lower the cost of bringing innovation to market and help Europe reach its green energy goals

23 Jun 2022