MEPs postpone vote on Horizon Europe legislation

Decision to postpone is ‘organisational’ but could be read as a signal to member states and national research ministers to agree on the final details of the research programme before the next EU budget comes into force

28 May 2020




COVID-19 research funding peaks, but half of calls remain open – Science|Business data


Research funders around the world this spring rushed out an unprecedented number of calls for COVID-19 studies – and nearly half remain open for scientists seeking to further expand our understanding of the novel infection.



How to strengthen prevention and treatment in mental health

In February 2020, scientists, clinicians, patients and industry representatives met in Stockholm to discuss how governments, education systems, and new technologies can help treat and prevent mental health problems. The roundtable was the latest in the Science|Business Healthy Measures series.

16 Apr 2020

Who will get hired in the AI age?

The kinds of skills needed to make artificial intelligence work in the real economy may be closer to plumbing than rocket science, say experts at Science|Business roundtable

12 Mar 2020

Going global: connecting the clouds

As the globalisation of research proceeds apace, the nascent European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will need to be connected with similar initiatives elsewhere in the world. This paper explores how open science is developing around the world and the ramifications for EOSC and research in Europe.

27 Feb 2020