New EU pharma rules still under wraps

Already overdue, the new pharmaceutical strategy will not be published tomorrow as promised. The Commission says the proposal will arrive ‘slightly later’, as tensions fly high over how to incentivise industrial R&D

28 Mar 2023


Horizon Europe: A guide for non-Europeans

In a first of a series of network events exploring what future non-European collaboration in Horizon could look like, this event gathered together international experts who have taken part in Horizon Europe or its predecessor, Horizon 2020. Read the report to see what they had to say.

23 Feb 2023

Strategic autonomy: A guide for the perplexed

Efforts to boost European science and technology have taken on a new, geopolitical tone. What are these new policies? How do they affect global R&D? And will they help or hinder progress in Europe – and beyond?

A special Science|Business news report, with guest opinions, explains it all – for companies, universities, and other research organisations across the globe

07 Feb 2023
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