Viewpoint: Horizon Europe Missions are a long-term game

To deliver on their ambitious climate and health promises, the objective-driven research projects require a change in policymaking culture across Europe, says Wolfgang Polt, who is spearheading efforts to promote transnational cooperation in support of the Missions

03 Oct 2023


UK and Germany announce clean hydrogen partnership

Industry welcomes declaration of intent to work together on research and stimulate international trade in hydrogen. And the agreement is seen as helping to re-establish research cooperation that was undermined by Brexit

28 Sep 2023

How letting researchers have fun pays off

A study of a no-strings-attached Danish research grant scheme shows that setting researchers free to explore their own ideas provides relief from the rat race and is good for science

26 Sep 2023


Horizon Europe: A guide for non-Europeans

In a first of a series of network events exploring what future non-European collaboration in Horizon could look like, this event gathered together international experts who have taken part in Horizon Europe or its predecessor, Horizon 2020. Read the report to see what they had to say.

23 Feb 2023