Back to basics in R&D

Spend more on basic research - that's one of the prescriptions for Europe offered by Jim Goodnight, founder and CEO of SAS, one of the world's largest privately held software companies.
26 Apr 2006

Wait for the ricochet

The conclusion that there was nothing wrong with the specifics of the TeGenero trial in which six healthy volunteers ended up in intensive care has repercussions for the wider biotech industry.
12 Apr 2006

Editor's Chair: Fixing European patents

For 30 years, the European Commission has been trying to fix the broken patent process, but keeps running afoul of entrenched intestests. Is it any wonder that European countries keep dropping in the world patent leagues?
29 Mar 2006

German VC - back on track

Friedrich Bornikoel, managing partner for TVM Capital's Information & Communications Technology group, sees a recovery in German venture capital - but still no boom.
15 Mar 2006

Going for growth

Everyone wants to encourage innovation. But, says Alain de Serres from the OECD, a survey of the world’s leading industrial countries shows they are going about it in different ways and with very different results.
15 Feb 2006