EU gears up for ‘ambitious’ budget review in 2023

Additional ‘flexibility’ is needed in the multiannual budget to allow the EU to make targeted investments in new energy and defence technologies. There is a suggestion funding could be diverted from agriculture and cohesion and towards such ‘strategic autonomy’ projects

11 Oct 2022

More Horizon Europe draft work programmes leak online

Science|Business is posting new unapproved draft work programmes, one on climate and energy, the other on food, agriculture and environment-related research. They give researchers an early view of what calls for projects to expect in 2023 and 2024

04 Oct 2022

Keeping up with the Cloud

New Science|Business paper on how Europe can meet fast rising scientific demand for data storage and processing calls for a long-term strategy

10 Dec 2018

Poland to rework research assessment scheme

First results of a new approach to research assessment introduced as part of reforms to bring its higher education system into line with EU standards led to multiple appeals. Earlier this month an expert group met education minister Przemysław Czarnek, to consider improvements

25 Jan 2023

How the war in Ukraine reshaped the world of science in 2022

Sadly and inevitably, scientific values have been eroded by conflict and sanctions. Science|Business looks back at stories we published in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to track the impact and consequences for science and technology

22 Dec 2022

UK launches £119M global collaboration fund

On a visit to Japan, science minister George Freeman unveiled the latest funding pot designed to compensate for exclusion from Horizon Europe. But he insists association to the EU’s framework programme remains the UK’s first choice

15 Dec 2022

COP27: fractured world threatens green transition

Decarbonising the economy will involve vast technology transfers and cross-border R&D. But with Russia a pariah, and US-China relations frosty, there are worries that politics could slow the diffusion of green technology

17 Nov 2022