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In February 2020, the European Commission proclaimed that “data will reshape the way we produce, consume and live,” as it launched a new digital strategy. Indeed, detailed data about how the world works, together with massive investment - US$37.5 billion a year - is driving the rapid development of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, large sums of money are flowing into massive data infrastructure projects – “data spaces”, cloud services and 5G networks. The opportunities – for improved healthcare, better urban management, greener and faster transport, and economic growth generally – are exciting and enormous.

How do you govern a technology developing as quickly as artificial intelligence? How do you apply it during fast-moving crises, such as COVID-19, or manage the torrent of data flowing across the globe on all manner of subjects? Who gets to write the rules?

Those questions are now under debate in world capitals – and their answers require open dialogue among industry and academia, policymakers and innovators, from Europe to the Americas and Asia, from North and South.

This Science|Business initiative is led by an expert Steering Committee of partner organisations from around the world to inform the EU and global dialogue on policy for fast developing data and AI technologies with online consultations, high-level roundtables, public conferences, and high-impact policy white papers. Topics include:

  • Harnessing AI and data infrastructure in healthcare, energy, transport and finance
  • Mandatory data sharing versus data sovereignty
  • Making AI fully transparent and the implications for liability or responsibility
  • How the rise of edge computing/5G will change data analytics and policy
  • North v. South: Will the new technologies worsen the digital divide?

For more information, please contact David Pringle, Senior Adviser, at [email protected]

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