University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is one of Europe’s most prominent research-led universities. It is a modern institution with a long and rich history dating from 1632. An open and international organisation, the UvA comprises driven, ambitious and innovative researchers who are passionate about finding solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

The University of Amsterdam is one of the world’s intellectual hubs. A university with a leading international reputation, it is firmly rooted in the city of Amsterdam. With some five thousand staff members, thirty thousand students and a hundred different nationalities, the UvA is connected to thousands of researchers and hundreds of public and private institutions in the Netherlands and around the world. It has an international outlook, fitting in with Amsterdam’s character and history as an independent, innovative and engaged city. 

The UvA’s aims are:

  • To provide research-intensive education to a broad group of students – irrespective of their origin, background or beliefs, preparing them for the global job market.
  • To provide its academic staff with the space and facilities required to carry out innovative and interdisciplinary research.
  • To foster an innovative environment and have a large impact on society.

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