Calls for closer Czech-Slovak cooperation to boost research potential

05 Jul 2023 | News

A recent conference brought together representatives of both countries’ research communities and government officials, leading to talks of building closer ties

Jiri Nantl, former director of CEITEC MUNI, speaking at a conference in Brno on 12 June on strategic management in science. Photo: Alliance4Life

Czechia and Slovakia have a major opportunity to increase their research potential by working together more closely, a newly appointed deputy minister in Czechia’s education ministry has said.

“In both countries, financial stability and how to fund the best research infrastructures is an issue, and I think creating a bigger market for infrastructures from both countries and creating some division of labour would be a great opportunity,” said Jiri Nantl speaking after a 12 June conference on strategic management in science hosted by Central European Institute of Technology of Masaryk University (CEITEC MUNI) in Brno.

At the time of the conference, Nantl was director of CEITEC MUNI but has since moved into a government…

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