What do EIC programme managers do?

25 Jun 2024 | News

A former programme manager walks us through the strategic thinking behind the European Innovation Council’s approach to boosting translation of research to market

Iordanis Arzimanoglou, EIC Programme Manager June 2020 – May 2024. Photo credits: European Union

The European Innovation Council (EIC) aims to improve Europe’s ability to translate its world leading science to market and produce breakthrough technologies.

It has a mix of bottom-up and targeted calls, and it zones in on specific fields, including health biotech, renewable energy and quantum, to try to make breakthroughs happen. This is key part of the job of ten EIC programme managers.

The job is modelled on the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) programme managers, who define an objective and then set goals, milestones and programme activities.  

Iordanis Arzimanoglou was the EIC’s  first programme manager and had the job of setting the strategic direction for the EIC’s portfolios in health…