Next Clean Energy Transition partnership call will open in September

11 Jun 2024 | News

The Horizon Europe partnership is pushing for the development of clean energy technologies. A draft of the €100M call is now online

Photo credits: zak zak / Flickr

The EU aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and to get there it is pumping funding into clean tech innovation. Here’s how it will spend €100 million on this through the Horizon Europe Clean Energy Transition partnership this year.

What is the CET partnership?

The CET partnership brings together 30 countries and the European Commission and a myriad of public and private stakeholders, to jointly fund research and innovation needed make Europe’s energy market carbon neutral.

It pools funding from Horizon Europe and national and regional funds to run annual joint calls for funding. This year’s call, due to open for pre-proposals on 19 September, is worth €100 million.