ITER in drive to share knowhow with private sector

28 May 2024 | News

Industry representatives are meeting this week. But some in the private sector doubt there is much to learn, and wholly UK-based companies won't receive all ITER's knowledge

Inside ITER, the international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject in France. Photo: Flickr

Representatives from private fusion energy companies are this week meeting in France to discuss how ITER, the multi-billion-euro experimental fusion project, can better share its knowhow and intellectual property with the private sector.

Publicly funded ITER, a delayed, decades-long project backed by the world’s most powerful countries, wants to better open up its databases and design history to the private sector, and create contacts and exchanges between ITER and private engineers.

“We've never done such a thing before,” said Laban Coblentz, ITER’s head of communications. “It's a new effort.” He estimates that around 30 companies building fusion devices will attend.

Currently, the countries that fund ITER – the US,…