European start-up ecosystems are becoming more attractive

11 Jun 2024 | News

Cities and regions in Europe are moving up the rankings, with several new entrants. But the US and China remain dominant

Photo credits:  leeser / BigStock

In the competition to be most attractive start-up ecosystem in the world, nowhere can beat Silicon Valley. But nine cities and regions in Europe are in the top 40 of the Global Start-up Ecosystem Ranking 2024, with London (2), Netherlands (13), Paris (14), Berlin (15), Stockholm (23), Zurich (31), Munich (33), and Copenhagen and Greater Helsinki, tied on 40.

And the future prospects are good with Europe being home to four of the top five up-and-coming start-up ecosystems in Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin and Manchester/Liverpool. Europe has 42 emerging ecosystems in the top 100, more than North America or Asia.

Moneywise, London reigns supreme, with the $510 billion value of its ecosystem larger than the next four regions combined. Paris…