The Ecosystem: Sorbonne University to house established companies in new incubator

18 Jun 2024 | News

Mature companies will support and inspire start-ups in the Cité de l’Innovation, currently under construction in Paris

Photo credits: courtesy OXO Architectes

Sorbonne University is currently selecting companies to take up home in its new incubator, the Cité de l’Innovation, under construction at its main research campus in the heart of Paris. But unusually for an incubator, at this stage is looking at more developed companies that will both benefit from the academic ecosystem and also contribute to entrepreneurial activities.

“There is a lack of space with integrated laboratories for more mature companies, particularly those that still need proximity to academic research and to students,” said Thomas Coudreau, the Sorbonne’s deputy director general for research, education and innovation. “In turn, they can serve as examples for the companies that are being incubated at the Cité de l’Innovation, and for our researchers and students who are thinking about creating a company.”