Commission launches digital ocean twin prototype

18 Jun 2024 | News

Researchers and start-ups are now able to use the first prototype of the digital replica of the ocean

From left to right: Johan Hanssens, Pascal Lamy, Commissioner Ivanova and Olivier Poivre d’Arvor at the unveiling of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean prototype. Photo credits: European Union

The European Commission has unveiled the prototype Digital Ocean Twin, which it hopes will act as a key tool for understanding and researching the earth’s oceans.

The digital replica of the ocean is fed with continuous observations from sensors across the world’s oceans and from numerous satellites.

“It’s not a static snapshot. It’s designed to evolve, simulate and predict future ocean conditions based on historical data,” EU research commissioner Iliana Ivanova said at the launch. “It will empower users to smoothly access real time data, run simulations and explore potential outcomes.”

As of last week,…