Can we use artificial intelligence to improve tech transfer?

02 Jul 2024 | News

Commission looks to employ AI to improve and optimise the journey from research to innovation

Gilles Meijer, CEO of ScoutinScience, who spoke at the European Commission’s webinar on AI and other digital techs on June 27, 2024. Photo credits: ScoutingScience's website

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools aren’t here to wreak havoc on how researchers work. They can make things easier too. One of the areas where the EU is now looking to employ AI is in turning science into innovation.

Technology transfer isn’t Europe’s strong suit. The bloc has a very strong research base but struggles to translate it to new products and services. There has been some improvement, but as of 2019, the link between patent activities and science in the EU was lower than the world average, according to the Commission’s latest report on EU science performance.

A key part of the puzzle is for…