Horizon Europe batteries partnership sets out new vision for research funding

30 Apr 2024 | News

The €925 million BATT4EU partnership updates its technology strategy after EU auditors urge better planning. New funding calls expected in 2025

Northvolt's battery gigafactory in Sweden. Photo credits: Northvolt

A Horizon Europe effort to boost EU battery production is rebooting itself with a new technology strategy and new funding calls in 2025. But it acknowledges the tough challenge Europe still faces from mounting battery competition in China and the US.

The €925 million project, called BATT4EU, is a public-private partnership for battery research and innovation launched in 2021. As climate worries and electric vehicle demand have risen, the project is among several EU initiatives to try boosting local battery supplies – but those efforts were dinged last year by the European Court of Auditors for inadequate coordination.

The response was the publication in February of a new