Czech push for more EU13 success in Horizon Europe

18 Jun 2024 | News

Prague-based university coordinates an EU-funded project for the first time

Project coordinators Aneta Kašlíková (centre) and Jiří Hájek (left) along with VŠE vice-rector for research and PhD studies Martin Lukeš (right).

Coordinating a Horizon Europe project is no easy task, especially for institutions with little experience in setting up international consortia for EU funding – a Czech research manager talks about how her university got the first coordination role.  

For the first time in its history, the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) has become the coordinator of the Horizon Europe project.

This role means VŠE initiated the project and is in charge of finding partners and managing the grant and consortium agreements. Just as money is not evenly distributed across all EU member states, coordinator roles have been scarce in the EU-13 countries joined since 2004

Aneta Kašlíková, one of the two VŠE managers running the project say this could change if research organisations and universities invest in the right skills and have the right contacts.