Choose France summit attracts a promised €15B in foreign investment

14 May 2024 | News

Tech and pharma giants to invest in AI, pharmaceuticals and quantum innovation in France

Photo credits: Web Summit / Flickr

France is in line for €15 billion in industry investments in AI, pharmaceuticals and quantum, as the country’s seventh Choose France summit draws in commitments from around the world.

Companies from outside France have pledged to invest €15 billion in 56 projects that are expected to create 10,000 jobs. Among the announcements, €4 billion will be invested in artificial intelligence by Microsoft and €500 million in research and development by Pfizer.

This is a big win for France as it positions itself as an attractive investment hub for global companies.

This year’s pledges exceed the €13 billion of last year and send yet another signal to investors. Two weeks ago, the consulting firm Ernst & Young named France the most…