Building materials industry seeks partners for greening

21 May 2024 | News

As the EU pushes to decarbonise industry, companies are looking to fund and partner with innovative startups to tackle hard-to-abate emissions

Cemex cement plant in Alicante, Spain. Photo credits: Cemex

When it comes to reaching net zero, not all sectors are created equal. In the buildings and construction sector, which is responsible for around 37% of global emissions, most of the attention has so far focused on reducing operational emissions, including heating, cooling and lighting.

While these make up three quarters of the sector’s emissions, if Europe is to reach its climate targets, progress will also have to be made in more taxing areas, such as reducing emissions from cement and steel production. Building materials companies are aware they can’t achieve this alone, and are on the lookout for innovations to help reduce their impact on the planet.

Earlier this month, nine of the biggest companies launched the eighth edition of the annual