In AI funding and research, China and US outperform Europe

21 May 2024 | News

In the global race to develop artificial intelligence, the US is leading in money, China in science – and Europe is lagging far behind, according to a new analysis by the OECD

Photo: Bigstock

If you’re looking for private funding for your work in artificial intelligence, the US is the place to be. If it’s AI research you want to do, the place is probably China. And if you’re in Europe? It’s complicated.

That’s what the data suggest in a new OECD report on the global digital economy – and the stark comparisons appear likely to fuel growing angst about China in both Europe and the US.

According to the report published 14 May, private investment in AI-related sectors in the US still leads the world, with US investment around $300 billion, followed by China’s $91 billion and the EU with $45 billion.

But in AI scientific publications, China continues to lead the US and Europe in the sheer…