Horizon Europe

EU SFIC Opinion: Open FP9 to global excellence

A forum within the European Research Area Committee (ERAC) — a committee that advises the Council, the Commission and member states on the governance of the European Research Area —has given an opinion criticising Horizon 2020 for largely failing to improve international participation.

23 Feb 2017

CLORA: A welcoming FP9

CLORA has called for a strengthened and impactful FP9 and European Research Area (ERA). They argue for fostering excellence and greater collaboration. They also call for FP9 to be more accessible to citizens — through outreach — and to researchers through simplification and improved success rates

09 Feb 2017

EU-LIFE: Support innovation with excellence

A European alliance of life-science research centres, EU-LIFE, is arguing for strengthened excellence and enhanced collaborative research across FP9. They call upon the Commission to focus on human capital and the early stages of innovation to provide fuel to the innovation process

09 Feb 2017

The Guild: Nine proposals for FP9

The Guild details nine key propositions for FP9 and argues for collaborative, fundamental research as the key priority, putting universities at the centre of a more open and inclusive R&I framework

02 Feb 2017