ETH Zurich

ETH researchers develop energy-efficient ceramic material

ETH material scientists have developed a new method of manufacturing ceramics that does not require the starting materials to be fired. Instead, they are compacted under high pressure at room temperature in a significantly more energy-efficient process.
01 Mar 2017

ETH software to become a standard for drones

Lorenz Meier, a doctoral student in computer science at ETH Zurich, created the PX4 software that is already being used to pilot many drones. Now, one of the world’s biggest electronics manufacturers has adopted the software as standard
27 Jan 2016

Roland Siegwart leaves the Executive Board but remains a fan of ETH

For five years, robotics expert and Executive Board member Roland Siegwart has held the post of Vice President Research and Corporate Relations. He is now in the process of handing over this vice presidency to his successor, Detlef Günther, but he will always remain a firm fan of ETH Zurich.
15 Dec 2014