ETH Zurich looks for licensing partner on oligonucleotide drugs synthesis

08 Jun 2017 | Network Updates | Update from ETH Zurich
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ETH Zurich is looking for a licensing or collaboration partner for a novel and clinically validated synthesis of stereochemically pure oligonucleotides.

The use of chemically-modified oligonucleotides as potential therapeutics has received much attention in recent years. This invention, developed at the Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences by professor Jonathan Hall and Dr Meiling Li, introduces a solid phase synthesis path for stereo designed phosphorothioate oligonucleotides based on 2’-O-methoxy-ethylribose (MOE) nucleoside building blocks.

Oligonucleotides have generally poor pharmacokinetics. They are rapidly cleared from the circulation and are de graded by enzymes. Chemical modifications improve their pharmacokinetics as well as their pharmacodynamic properties. One of the most common modifications is the exchange of oxygen for sulfur at most or all internucleotide linkages. However, as the internucleotide phosphorothioate linkage is chiral, an increasing number of diastereomers is created with each extra phosphor sulfur (PS) linkage. The pharmacokinetics and dynamics are significantly affected by the stereochemical configuration.  Thus, a synthesis route leading to stereopure oligonucleotides is highly desirable.

If you are interested to learn more about the technology, please contact Dr. Melanie Johnson, Marketing Manager at ETH Zurich.

Tel: +41 44 633 6859 phone

Email: [email protected]


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