Licensing opportunity: No screws, no glue - a modular multi-panel system

20 Jun 2017 | Network Updates | Update from ETH Zurich
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ETH researcher propose a novel design for modular multi-panel systems that can be used in shelf systems and mobile radar reflectors

Cornelius Senn, a researcher at the department of civil, environmental and geomatic engineering at ETH Zurich has developed a multi-panel system was designed, which can be easily assembled without any external fixtures.  The system is mechanically stable and self-centring.  Applications range from shelf systems to mobile radar reflectors.

Furniture for exhibition stands or storage container systems are two examples where mobility and adaptability in size and shape are important features. Preferably the objects are foldable and/or demountable in order to be easily carried away or stowed in confined spaces.

Such objects are typically built from individual panels and held together by screws, clamps, nuts, bolts or hinges. These separate parts may easily be misplaced or lost before assembly. Furthermore, under adverse conditions or in extreme environments (cold / heat) it may be difficult to put the pieces in place.

This invention proposes a multi-panel system, in which each panel is designed with connecting edges as illustrated in Fig. 1. Each panel has rigid tongues, which protrude at an inclination angle, and recess sections, which leave space for the tongues from another connecting element. The connecting elements are self-centring with respect to each other due to the design of the tongues. The resulting structure is rigid and self-supporting.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple, reliable and adaptable
  • Without screws or other separate fixtures
  • Quick assembly / disassembly

Fields of Application

  • Mobile corner reflector for radar
  • Exhibition stand construction
  • Repository system shelves

Patent Status: Patent pending


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