Horizon Europe: The first assessment [video recordings]

17 Feb 2022 | News

In case you missed it, here you can find the recordings of the public February 2022 Science|Business Annual Network conference

This February, in the annual Science|Business Network conference, our members and guests offered the first public assessments of the Horizon Europe research programme:

  • How is the standard Horizon application and evaluation process working?
  • Are the industrial partnerships simpler or more complicated than in Horizon 2020?
  • How successful does it now appear that Horizon Europe can be in its stated aims to help solve climate change, improve health, and manage a digital transition?
  • How is collaboration with non-EU countries going?
  • Will Horizon succeed in bridging the East-West innovation gap? 

You can find the recordings of the two-day conference below:

Under pressure: Does the science-policy interface need an overhaul?

Brain trust: How can Horizon Europe increase public faith in science and scientists?

Science without borders: Why European trusted partnerships matter more than ever

New republic: Can research and innovation transform Europe’s future?

First steps: Is Horizon on the right track?

Research futures: Do blue skies or dark clouds lie ahead for fundamental science?

Innovation futures: Is Europe putting the right building blocks in place?

From lab to patients: How to make the way Europe regulates medicines future-proof?

Shared vision: Is the transatlantic alliance reinventing itself through science and technology?

Full speed ahead: What should Horizon aim to achieve in 2022?

The conference assessments were assisted by surveys and research by the Science|Business news team in the months leading up to the event. The results included a high-impact white paper summarising the views of our members and guests – a first report card for Europe's biggest bet on the future. Read it here.

The conference programme, including the list of speakers, can be found here.

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