08 Dec 2016   |   News

ERC to re-introduce joint-grant scheme in 2018

The Synergy grant will foster interdisciplinary research by allowing scientists to jointly apply for funding

The European Research Council (ERC) is to re-introduce its synergy grant in 2018, enabling scientists from different fields to pair up to address particular challenges.

The ERC says the joint scheme will potentially lead to major breakthroughs that scientists would not make working alone. The grants were previously trialled in 2012 and 2013.

ERC President Jean-Pierre Bourguignon said, "The synergy grants awarded so far have shown that this funding fosters interdisciplinary research and can trigger unconventional collaborations, allowing for the emergence of new fields of study."

More information on the grant, including its budget, dates and eligibility criteria, will be published in the 2018 ERC work programme.

The Synergy scheme adds to the ERC’s three existing types of grant. Early-career researchers can apply for a starting grant; mid-career scientists for the ERC’s consolidator grants; and experienced researchers with proven track records compete for advanced grants.

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