Warwick: A*STAR and WMG create first Engineering Doctorate scholarship in Singapore

03 Sep 2014 | Network Updates | Update from University of Warwick
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WMG at the University of Warwick have partnered with A*STAR (Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research to create first Engineering Doctorate (EngD) scholarship in Singapore The new scholarship programme is designed to encourage highly-skilled engineering professionals to help accelerate economic growth in the manufacturing industry.

Under this programme, A*STAR’s SIMTech will collaborate with WMG to develop a pipeline of innovative R&D talents in the area of manufacturing processes, automation, and systems. Through a curriculum of engineering business management and specialised technology courses, and applied research, successful candidates will gain an industrial edge to their research to tackle real-world engineering problems, adding value to the manufacturing industry.

The programme, will offer a number of scholarships to Singaporean students and comprises two years of study at WMG at the University of Warwick , and two years based in A*STAR’s SIMTech in Singapore. The students, also referred to as Research Engineers, will be attached to SIMTech to conduct applied research based on real engineering problems and work closely with industry in order to propose innovative solutions

Professor Alfred Huan, Executive Director of the A*STAR Graduate Academy, said: “We are pleased to partner the University of Warwick and WMG in the new A*STAR-WMG EngD Programme. With its strong link to industry, the EngD programme will help us to nurture talents who are strong in applied research, and able to drive innovation.”

Chairman and Founder of WMG, Professor Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya said: “I am pleased to embark on another collaboration with SIMTech through the A*STAR-WMG EngD Programme in Singapore. WMG endeavours to provide students with academic excellence with a clear focus on addressing issues pertinent to the manufacturing sector. I believe that both WMG and A*STAR SIMTech’s combined strengths in education and research will empower them with the know-how and experience to stay ahead in today’s ever changing economic landscape.”

This is the third educational programme that SIMTech has entered into with WMG. In 2006, SIMTech signed a tripartite agreement with WMG and the Singapore Institute of Management to launch the Master of Science in Engineering Business Management programme, and later the Supply Chain and Logistics Management programme. More than 50 individuals have since graduated.

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