Czechs cash in on R&D investments

27 Dec 2006 | News
The Czech Republic is another magnet for new R&D operations.

Asia isn't the only magnet for new research investment. The Czech Republic has also had a pretty good year in attracting inward investment.
A press release from CzechInvest – ignore the enigmatic title "To FDI into the CR dominate US companies" – reports that "About 60 percent of foreign direct investments announced by United States-based companies in the Czech Republic in 2006 are research-and-development projects in innovation industries."
It turns out that "Approximately 30 percent of new investment in the Czech Republic registered by CzechInvest was R&D or services-related." A lot of projects are in the information technology and software.
The investments announced in 2006 include a bunch of high profile names, including Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Procter and Gamble and Ingersoll-Rand
It isn't just the Americans who are moving in. In a separate story, the Czech Information Agency reports that Siemens recently opened a centre for R&D on automobile sensors.

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