Michael Kenward

A well-oiled R&D machine

The way companies and universities work together is changing. A look at Rolls-Royce illustrates the new model
12 Jan 2017

ACES alumni show entrepreneurial savvy

In the five years since it was established, 60 start-ups have made the final of the Science|Business Academic Enterprise Awards. The progress of these alumni throws a spotlight on the effort and dedication needed to make a commercial success of a university spin-out
04 Sep 2013

ACES winner powers long-range electric cars to market

EVO Electric has applied novel technology to develop motors that combine high power with low weight, promising to increase the efficiency and appeal of electric cars and reduce CO2 emissions from hybrid petrol/electric cars
28 Mar 2012

Changing the face of science

ACES winner Mendeley is revolutionising the way research is done – using cloud computing to create the largest crowd-sourced library in the world. Its software lets academics organise and annotate journal articles, and share and discuss their work with researchers around the globe

15 Mar 2012