Biosensors defend the homeland

The DTI in the UK sent a Global Watch Mission team to California last year to look at biosensors and biosensing "major global industries, with the worldwide total annual sales of medical biosensors exceeding £2.8 billion in 2003". The team has just reported back.
31 Mar 2006

Acrongenomics, Imperial's Molecular develop diagnostic devices

Acrongenomics Inc., a Swiss life science venture company and Molecular Vision Ltd., a spin-out from the Imperial College London, said they have signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly develop diagnostic devices for diabetes, drug abuse, STDs and cardiovascular diseases.
29 Mar 2006

Swedish biotech: where's the beef?

Sweden is ranked number one among 31 European nations for its spending on R&D - but it is still looking for its first home-grown biotechnology product.
29 Mar 2006