Funding: UK on the lookout for value for money

The UK budget last week set out measures to extract more value, improve quality and increase innovation from the billions the government spends on science. Nuala Moran looks into the small print.
29 Mar 2006

Scotland's 'Interface' links businesses, researchers

The Scottish Funding Council has put up £870,000 in an initiative to provide a single point of access for matching the know-how within the country's 20 universities and research institutions with the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises.
29 Mar 2006

Intellectual Property: Patents hit the auction block

A Chicago merchant bank will take a new twist on selling intellectual property next week when it holds a live auction to sell 400-plus patents from some of the most valued technology innovators in the world. Lori Valigra looks at the list.
29 Mar 2006

Who is in the lead in the knowledge race?

There is much more to a nation's "brain power" than how much it spends on R&D and education. The OECD tries to assess the broader picture by looking at "Investment in knowledge".
28 Mar 2006

Napatech gets $5M from VCs to buy Xyratex's network adapter unit

Napatech, a Danish company that specialised in raising the speed of Internet network appliances, said it has received $5 million from Ferd Venture, Northzone Ventures and existing shareholder DTU Innovation, a fund which is related to the Danish Technical University.
27 Mar 2006

UK budgets for science

The latest budget for the UK continued the Chancellor's role as puppetmaster for science and technology.
25 Mar 2006

What is the point of technology transfer?

Who should benefit from the transfer of technology from the academic world into the business arena? The university that cooked up the ideas, or the company that turned them into money? How about society as a whole? An American Prof warns against micro managing the process.
23 Mar 2006