Research Data Alliance (RDA)

The RDA aims to improve multidisciplinary data sharing and re-use by overcoming the many social and technical interoperability barriers that hamper efficient long time access, management and utilisation of data provided by various resources. New application areas such as IoT put the data challenges to its extreme and urgently require a change in data processes and practices. RDA is accelerating these changes by organising a bottom-up, global and cross-disciplinary platform for around 6000 data professionals from about 130 countries. It already has produced 17 recommendations to make data FAIR and to increase efficiency of data management and exploitation. 4 of these recommendations have already been accepted as European ICT specifications.

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RDA in Europe is the European branch with the goal to disseminate RDA results, to promote RDA recommendations into actions in the European data infrastructure landscape, to stimulate participation for both a social and technical impact, to train experts and to interact with a variety of stakeholders in Europe. RDA in Europe builds its actions on a neutral, technology-independent role in supporting the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), which will foster the devopment of the Digital SInge Market in Europe. RDA in Europe is led by a board currently chaired by Peter Wittenburg. RDA is governed by a Council of senior experts with a strong European representation.

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