Polish R&D agency launches Akces incubator for high-risk tech

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Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) is gradually expanding its Group with another entity, the newly established company – Akces NCBR Ltd. It is owned by the NCBR and it will focus on comprehensive acceleration, cooperation with business mentors and international cooperation aimed at internationalization of the established solutions and projects.

By establishing another entity, NCBR aims to create conditions for incubation and acceleration of high-risk R&I projects. By focusing on assistance for R&I projects, the scope of which includes advanced technologies with a significant research and development contribution, the NCBR responds to the need to support organisations that ready to commercialise their R&I projects results.

The NCBR has many years of experience in building and conducting R&I processes. Since 2007, the Centre has been creating a platform that connects the world of science and business, using proven financing models, successively enriching the offer with new initiatives, tailored to the needs of the market, social and climate challenges.

Akces NCBR Ltd will support an important area of ​​the R&I process – the commercialisation. In addition, in its activities, the new entity will use the best practices of international R&I support centres, striving to provide Polish scientists and entrepreneurs with the best knowledge and opportunities to internationalise their activity.

Akces NCBR Ltd will support the NCBR in:

  • financing preparatory activities leading to the implementation of the R&I projects results and supporting their commercialisation;
  • supporting the development of scientific staff by creating an environment that facilitates the commercialisation of R&I results , in which people will be able to acquire competences (through training) and substantive support (through mentoring) necessary for commercialisation;
  • encouraging entrepreneurs to invest in research activities;
  • participating in the international R&I programs.

Next to the new entity, the following ones already operate in the NCBR Group: NCBR + Ltd which is a provider of administrative services for the Centre; NCBR Investment Fund ASI S.A., a co-investment venture capital fund, specialising in investments in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the growth or expansion phase, commercialising the results of R&I works; IDEAS NCBR Ltd which focuses on the development of human resources and technologies related to artificial intelligence. Within the whole Group, the NCBR focuses on developing modern business models adapted to the needs of the market and the economy.

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