Poland’s NCBR supports students with special educational needs through "MeduM"

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The National Centre for Research and Development announced a call for Multimedia Youth Education aka "MeduM" project.

The aim of the "MeduM" project is to create and disseminate among students in Poland aged 12-18 multimedia educational and didactic materials supporting their skill acquisition process, through a dedicated VoD streaming platform, which meets high accessibility standards, in particular for people requiring special support in the education process (including refugees).

This undertaking will use innovative IT tools and modern technological solutions aimed at making educational activities in Polish schools more interesting and stimulating for students to actively seek more in-depth knowledge.

The platform developed under the "MeduM" project will allow easy access to educational materials. They will be presented in an attractive form of short videos with captivating graphic solutions and animations. The content presented on the platform will be adapted to the needs, interests and cognitive and perceptual abilities of the targeted audience. The selection of content will take into account the core curriculum applicable at individual stages of school education. The innovative elements of this initiative include: the use of various forms of communication with emphasis on creating content in the field of history and culture. The MeduM platform will also introduce the concept of innovation and project implementation. This will also complement the education already carried out in the field of entrepreneurship.

An extremely valuable element of the project is the support it will offer to the thousands of Ukrainian children who found new homes in Poland after fleeing the Russian troops invading their homeland. The platform will offer materials with subtitles in English and Ukrainian, in three thematic areas covered by the call:

- Polish history, with particular emphasis on economic and political history,

- history of art, music, literature, theater, fine arts and architecture,

- innovative products and services, commercialisation of research results and their transfer to the economy,

The budget of the MeduM project is 6.5 million EUR.

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