Poland: NCBR launches scheme for national and international research collaborations

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Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development has launched a new tool - PARTFINDER. A solution designed for research groups that are actively looking for partners or are interested in establishing cooperation with other units from Poland and abroad. The tool will significantly facilitate the creation of national and international research consortia and joint participation in grant competitions.

Currently, the Centre’s portfolio includes over 70 international programmes. One of the common struggles for the potential beneficiaries at the earliest and key stage of preparing a research project was establishing working contacts and cooperation with foreign partners. Through the implementation of the PARTFINDER, the NCBR provides domestic enterprises and research units with a dedicated partner search engine particularly helpful for international projects. The tool will enable posting the expressions of interests to establish cooperation, as well as searching for partners for joint research projects.

Access to PARTFINDER does not require logging in and previewing of basic data is made available to all users. However, by creating a unique user account, the functionality will be extended to the ability to view the postings in details (such as direct contact details), adding one’s own postings, creating lists of favorite entities, or personalizing the user’s profile.

Logged in users have the option of posting announcements about scientific and research cooperation, business and training initiatives, etc. The information required includes the deadline for submitting requests, contact details, area of ​​interest (according to the OECD classification, with a short description of the proposed project and keywords), desired country of origin, expectations regarding cooperation and partners or other specific information. In addition, the postings that already exist in the system can be filtered according to the research area, partner type, keywords or posting date.

The NCBR’s PARTFINDER can be accessed at https://partfinder.ncbr.gov.pl/


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