Poland: NCBR launches new round of INFOSTRATEG calls

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Under the calls funding may be provided for basic and industrial research, experimental development and pre-implementation work, the last two being mandatory. The maximum duration of the project is 36 months, divided into three phases. What is important, within three years from the end of the project, the applicant is obliged to implement its results.

The call is a part of the Strategic Research and Development Programme "Advanced information, telecommunications and mechatronic technologies" - INFOSTRATEG. The aim of the Programme is to support the development of Polish artificial intelligence potential by developing solutions using artificial intelligence and blockchain, with direct implementation.

The aim of each of three stages is to deliver a milestone, being a condition for further financing of the project.

The 6th INFOSTRATEG call for thematic projects is open to individual applicants - research units or enterprises, as well as for the consortia of a maximum 3 entities: purely research institutions or enterprises or joint collaborations of research units and enterprises.

Thematic scope of the INFOSTRATEG competition:

1. Various satellite and aerial image recognition scenarios. The implementation of the developed solutions is expected to bring many benefits, including updating data of geodetic and cartographic systems using satellite and drone images, observation of soil creeps and landslides; aquatic remote sensing, fish tracking, shipping monitoring; pollution monitoring; creation of intelligent information services based on satellite data resources.

2. Scenarios of selective plant protection. The goal of the project teams will be to develop algorithms that recognize undesirable phenomena on plantations, based on images from cameras and sensors installed on agricultural machines; the examples of such phenomena are plant diseases, pest invasions, abnormal development resulting from a lack of moisture or desirable substances in the soil. The expected outcomes of the projects will enable the reduction of the fertilizers’ and plant protection products’ costs, reduction of the soil and groundwater pollution with harmful chemicals and excess nitrogen compounds. They will also contribute to improving the quality of harvest and increasing yields. It is also an opportunity to export products and technologies developed and tested in Poland.

3. Recognition of human behaviour in the video. The systems developed in the course of R&D works will be used to analyse surveillance video recordings, e.g. to detect dangerous situations, crimes or recognize the symptoms of diseases. According to experts recognizing the behaviours in the videos may be crucial while controlling autonomous vehicles, in particular in situation with many other road users, e.g. pedestrians or drivers of classic vehicles. Behaviour recognition may help to assess the intentions of other road users.

The total budget for the support of innovative solutions in the framework of 6th INFOSTRATEG call is aprox. 15 million € (PLN 70 million).

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