Poland launches research news platform

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The National Center for Research and Development invites foreign researchers to cooperate with Polish scientists and entrepreneurs. A new internet platform „Research in Poland” has just been launched. The main organizer of this initiative is the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA.

The researchinpoland.org website, available in English, is dedicated to foreign scientists and PhD candidates.

The aim of the website is to fulfil three key informational and promotional requirements:

  1. Provide foreign researchers with key information concerning the Polish system of higher education and the organization of their stay in Poland;
  2. Equip the researchers interested in pursuing their scientific careers in Poland with tools such as search engines enabling them to find: jobs/projects, grants, scientific events, so that they can find what is most relevant for them;
  3. Promote the achievements of Polish science and Polish scientists through the success story component.

Polish scientific and higher education institutions as well as organizations and associations acting in this field, including the National Science Centre, the National Centre for Research and Development, the Foundation for Polish Science, the Polish Science Promotion Office “PolSCA” of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Brussels, or the National Representation of PhD Students were invited to co-create the new website. NAWA also encourage Polish universities and research institutes to share the news and success stories.

This article was first published on July 27 by NCBR. 

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